Friday, August 16, 2019

Reality and Promise!

Another day.  What kind of day will it be?  That depends a lot on what we decide to make of it, and how we allow Him to move through us...

A sunrise that will never set;

and THAT not from the sun!
We'll be illuminated by
the One Who is THE ONE!
Labors, they will cease in
celebration to The king,
and joy shall never know an end
as every voice shall sing!

How can words or verses even
capture Paradise?
He said that NONE have seen or heard,
yet glimpses so entice!
The pictures that He shares as we're
in fellowship with Him...
the images inside his Word--
for they shall NEVER dim!
Therefore, press we on ahead,
knowing that we serve The One
Who constantly is caring
and saving, for his Own, a Place
in Paradise ahead!
That precious Promise keeps us going,
hydrated and well-fed!!

So beautiful and wonderful are the images that Holy Spirit reveals to us as we press on in a world that so dearly needs Him!  Are they going to witness Jesus in the things that YOU do and say?  One much wiser than myself once said that you may be the only Bible someone sees.  Let us make sure that The Lord and his Message are clearly visible in us!

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