Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Only Words?

"Let's talk about it."
So easy to say.  For some, however, it is more difficult to do.  
Then we get into The Word.  If it is difficult in the Word, it's probably even more difficult to go through and share in the world we live in.

"You see and know emotions that

we cannot even say;
You fathom situations that
we struggle with each day;
however, as we talk about it,
You help us move on
into a place of healing and
all prejudice is gone.

The Truth--for it shall set us free

and liberate the heart;
the same, for to unite us and
not make us move apart.
So basic of a principle
that so eludes so many;
O Lord, do not give up on us,
lest we would not have any!
Make sure the lives we live back up
The Gospel that we preach.
For everywhere we turn be someone
that You need to reach.
And lest they SEE You in ourselves
before they hear a word,
that miracle of transformation
may not be occurred!"

Like it or not, our lives are an open book to the world.  We are being seen, heard and read even when are walking all alone.  Can the world around you see that you are NOT alone, and it is Jesus in and through you?  For they are DYING to have Him, and we are the vessel!


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