Sunday, August 4, 2019

Life is precious!

So many things can fill our day.  OR we can fill our day with so many things that will deplete us of that precious time that we should be spending with God.

In the midst of 'living' there 
is life that must occur!
It is a most precious time
that ALL must know for sure!
That time alone with Jesus Christ
in fellowship somewhere--
make every effort that you can,
yourself, to find you there!
It is a celebration time
like nothing else at all...
it is a very solemn time
while, at His feet, you fall...
it is a very healing time
that strengthens you, as well...
it is a time most valuable
as, with the Lord, you dwell!

This life is busy.  And it seems
more busy with each day.
But time aside with God Most High
so nourishes the way!
Do all you can as you are led,
but also make that time
to, into the lap of God,
for just moment, climb!

Some of life's drama is preventable, some of it is not, but we MUST spend quality time with God each day in order to excel!  Make sure you have ample opportunity to do so!

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