Monday, August 5, 2019

Let it go!

Jesus Christ complete.
He knows what you have been through.  He sees your struggle, and He has exactly what you need to liberate you from it all!

That pain from many years ago--He understands;
the more I try to bury it, the more that it demands;
the faster that I run away, the more it overtakes;
for Jesus is the only One, a healing from it, makes!

How can I talk about it...what will other people think...
but lest I talk to someone, I will teeter on the brink!
The wound--it will not go away, that spot will never heal
unless I find a godly person to whom I can reveal.

The healing perfect that Jesus can provide--
it cannot complete itself if I still hide.
It may seem minor in someone else's eyes,
but the gravity and magnitude WE realize!

That pain from so long ago--He understands;
and He is right in front of us with open hands!
His care and His heart forever are availed.
Speak to him wholly, and be no more assailed!

Jesus Christ has made provision for us to escape the torture of that pain from so long ago...even that pain from just yesterday.  He loves, He listens He cares and He heals.
How long will we hold onto the burden that He has already made provision for?

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