Friday, August 2, 2019

Inner Song

Yes, there is a song within each of us.  Have you found yours yet?  It is a song that will escort us through everything that this life has, and it glorifies Jesus!
So deep that glory song
sung from the very depths of those
who KNOW that they belong!
That song of adoration that
will never know an end
unto Jesus Christ the Lord,
Redeemer, Savior, Friend!
"ALLELUIA..." so throughout
my being to resound
unto the One Who reigns forever--
in Him, I am found!
It is an invitation He
extends to one and all;
Join in that chorus!  Seek His grace,
His holy Name to call!

And even as we long for that day

that He has avowed,
His Presence is about our lives
if He is so allowed!
O seek Him for yourself, my friend,
and know His love and peace!
The shackles of this daily life,
unto the Lord, release!!

"ALLELUIA..." yet my heart

continues for to sing
unto the Lord of Majesty,
unto The Risen King!
For He is worthy of all praise
in this life and the next!
Accept the power of His Blood
and be ye not perplexed!

This life will go on until _________________.  And then what?  You can KNOW what if You ask Jesus to be your Savior and give your heart to Him!  He will take care of you and meet your needs until That Trumpet Blast, and then we shall see Him face-to-face!  Oh, what a song will break out THEN!


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