Thursday, August 29, 2019

Greater than life!

Sometimes it becomes overwhelming.  Sometimes just the inability to fathom what is going on is exhausting!  BUT GOD desires that we turn it over to Him.  No matter how big or how small it may seem to others, God knows what it is doing to you, and He avails Himself to you!

"You give Yourself so freely to

whatever be the need;
our consolation is Your concern,
despite apathy or greed;
even when I turn my back
You stand there facing me,
offering that firm embrace
that nowhere else can be!
Regardless how strong I may seem
I need You every hour!
There is no way I can survive
apart, Lord, from your power!
The strength that You contain fades not;
Your mercies never fail
no matter how the enemy
may hassle or assail!

O Lord, Your arms are refuge in

a very busy place;
Your peace is a necessity
for to reside in grace!
And Your healing--there is not
another thing come near!
You understand what man cannot,
and You deflect all fear!
And Lord, You even hold me when
the past attempts to haunt;
for you are greater far than what
the enemy may flaunt!
I cling to You!  I trust in You!
My life, it is Your Own;
therefore, by 'My chosen'
You have caused me to be known!"

Life.  God is bigger and stronger than life.  And though other 'things' arise and bid us sway otherwise, God remains God and we remain His chosen, thus enabling us to stand firm in Him and be victorious!

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