Monday, August 26, 2019

Fully Involved

You're not alone.  Not ever!  This is a promise from God's Word that will NEVER pass away.  Whatever it is that you are facing, know that, as You trust in Him, you are NOT facing it alone!

So much joy available--
who will draw from such?
Even when the opposite
cares not who it may touch,
God avails abundant joy
though Jesus Christ the King!
Even in the daily trial
He can make us sing!

O that song transcending all

that life may bring about!
That melody--and Jesus Christ
is what it's all about!
For He already knows the end
of what we're going through;
He cheers us on and He provides
the perfect avenue!
He will deliver FROM the storm
or THROUGH the very same!
O know the power that we have 
in That One Holy Name!
There be no other to provide
the Victory availed
as we trust and depend on Him
Who has not ever failed!
For therein lies the joy that is
available to ALL!
Seek ye first His Kingdom and,
the name of Jesus, call!

This life is full of challenges, BUT GOD is up to any and all of them, and HE NEVER FAILS!  Trust in Him with the big and the small--He wants to be fully involved in your life!


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