Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Brand New Opportunity

God's matchless grace and favor.
So grateful that it is dependent upon no 'thing' that we can do or this world can do to us!  It is evident yet again as I open my eyes and look around...

Life is yet anew once more

with glory and with grace.
Resplendent with more means to prosper
and to see His face;
even birds to recognize it
as they brightly sing...
oh, but not before I go to Him
with my first offering!

The first part of my day is spent

in precious visitation.
Communing with my Father--
cultivating that relation!
If it were not for His great grace
and purpose for this man,
I would not know such Presence, purpose,
or one more day began!

Whatever did or did not happen

in the yesterday,
it is behind us as He gives,
to ALL, a brand new way!
And it is up to us to trust Him
with the time that's NOW!
Praise Him...hear on Him
in the moments that allow!

Good Morning.  GOOD morning!  Yes, that's what it is, and regardless what the next _______ hours contain, He does and will remain good, availing Himself constantly through it all!.

Make him part of every part of your new day!

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