Saturday, August 24, 2019

Beyond appearances

Life is always BEAUTIFUL when we are spending time with God!  That same life is not always as beautiful as we go about our daily routine.  BUT GOD is with us even then!

Amidst the daily toil and trial

there is success to know;
even when the things that rise,
our way, don't always go;
for God, He is aware of all
that goes on in our day,
and He has vowed that He will ALWAYS,
right beside us, stay!
Even when that confrontation
seems to go awry...
even when the cupboards seem
so barren and so dry...
even when the pain is so great
we can hardly stand
we have His assurance that
we are inside His hand!

What a blessed promise have we

as we so belong
to Him Who has complete control,
to Him Who is our Song!
For therein lies the beauty sometimes
not seen, felt or heard. 
God Most High--He gives His all,
and settled is His Word!

Do YOU have those days when it seems like God is far away or busy with everyone but you?  Then you are completely normal, and He has you in the palm of His hand!

Don't give up.  Keep trusting.  Keep pressing on.  He will show you why eventually.

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