Wednesday, August 7, 2019


God's Word is rife with them, and they belong to us as long as we belong to Him and heed his leading.
In a very worldly world, however, we can get caught up in the drama and we be so easily drawn away!

I must make sure my life, my actions

back the words I say!
If I avoid the necessary
it will distort the way.
He's given me a plethora
of tools to get me through,
all while living in a way
that He is in full-view.

A agenda...even 

an assignment have we each:
we are to live in such a way
that others we may reach
not by "going out of our way,"
but that they may be drawn
to inquire of that within
before the time is gone.

The Truth--for it will set them free,

but they must see AND hear!
And we are watched so closely every
moment we are here!
Are they seeing us in the world
or Jesus Christ inside?
Oh may we each live in such a way
that God be glorified!

Like it or not, if You are a Christian, you are being watched.  That's not a 'creepy' statement, it is a fact of life.  Make sure that you are living in such a way that others will desire the same.
I know, I spoke about the same thing yesterday, but it seems the just are coming under more and more scrutiny as the days dwindle.

Keep offering hope.  Don't give the enemy ANY foothold!  Keep living the assurances that will hold true regardless of the times---those in God's Word!

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