Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Almost over

Yes, day is winding down.  But not before God has the final say, and He does so in His spectacular way...

The sky is orange against the storm
that rumbles as it rolls!
The rainbow that is full right now
is touching many souls!
All as God contains the storm
inside His mighty palm
so inducing wonderment
and precious, healing calm!

Halted once again for to
behold His mighty hand!
This time, as He takes a storm
and sweeps across the land!
The thunder and the lightning...
the setting sun behind...
cause the pen and paper,
once again, a verse to find!

Rush the moment not as He
paints yet another eve
with colors and with elements
too almost not believe!
Oh, but HIS reality
is right before the eyes
of any who would give Him time,
His awe to realize!!

Day is done again.  The elements, however, are not!  And God is using them to amaze and inspire words and verses!  Do you have time to listen?

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