Sunday, August 25, 2019

Alive in God!

So busy with busyness.  The days seem more and more complicated as we go.  BUT GOD has wonderful refuge at all times, and tools for us to utilize as we go...

"Oh, train my tongue for to provide
the peace, the love you are.
Too many are the folks about
who feel rest is too far!
But Lord, a word in season from You
meets so many needs!
Your care through your people, lord,
all medicine exceeds!
For You are comfort, You are healing,
And You use such as we, oh Lord,
those benefits to bring!
As long as we avail ourselves
unto Your certain lead,
blessings--they will be accomplished,
and folks will succeed!

You alive inside of us,
and we alive in You--
there is NOTHING in this life
said willingness can't do!
Submitted and availed to You--
Your wisdom and Your ways;
such will bring to us success
and bring, unto YOU, praise!"

Alive in God.  No better way to live!  No more successful way to live!  And not just success as we know it, but that which will reap rewards eternally!
Be alive in Christ at all times!


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