Thursday, August 8, 2019

A Place of Necessity

Living in the days that we are, it is almost impossible to survive without the respite that God avails.  Do you know about it?

Underneath the giants that 

reach out into the sky,
a beautiful and quiet place
is reserved for He and I.
He meets me here--His Presence
it is constant in this place,
and I am taken always by
the wonder and the grace!

Always is a blessed retreat

availed by His hand,
as He knows of the days that are
and stress that be at hand.
Too, He offers out His hand
to take each stress away--
fully knowing of the details
that come every day.

O take advantage of the perfect

rest that He provides!
For in His arms, alone, that
perfect peace, it so abides!
And it is offered unto all,
He fully paid the price;
there's such oasis near to YOU,
with what you need concise!

The world is going as fast as it can, and it is ever-so-easy to get caught up in it!  DON'T!  God has purposed rest designed specifically for you!  Don't miss out on it!  He will sort out the details, we must only submit to His leading.

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