Tuesday, July 2, 2019


As I wrote yesterday, the storms will surely come.  Too, they come in all forms and sizes.  The greatest matter in those storms is to be our actions and reactions to them.  Have you thought about that at all?

There is a storm upon the rise,
(although the skies are clear;)
you feel it brewing and you know
that it is very near.
It is not always in the skies
that turbulence arises;
be ready, though, at every turn--
for there WILL BE surprises!

The storm not always takes the shape
of something just outside.
It could be something IN your house,
or even deep inside!
It could be something in a person
that encounters you;
at that moment will you have
the tools for what to do?

The storm will surely be,
but 'when and what' we'll see.
Keep living until then.
Keep sharing with all men.
For God rides upon the storm.
He'll protect and He'll transform
tragedy that might be
into opportunity!

Yes, storms WILL come in this life.  They will come in all sizes and situations.  God is looking for how we will react to them, and gives opportunity to avail Himself whenever and wherever we need Him.  Remember to cling to Him at all times, especially THROUGH the storm! 

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