Thursday, July 25, 2019

Too Simple to see?

So wonderful and successful has the day been as we follow in His steps along the Narrow Way.  Then we get home and turn on the news...

Oh, for peace that is greater than 'tradition;'

peace that goes beyond a 'border' line;
peace transcending race or a religion,
peace that ALL would say is "yours and mine!"

O God, it seems the more that we develop,

more numerous the issues that divide!
But You created each man in Your image--
why, then, must each person have a 'side?'
There will be no borders when we get to Heaven.
'Denomination' won't be spoken of.
Why can't it be the same before we get there,
and reside beneath that banner that's called 'Love.?'

I know that, in such way, we can reside here.

We only must omit that word called 'pride'
and know You fully with our very being,
allowing others residence inside!

We have "Doctors without Borders," why can't we have life and love the same way?  Not one of us is better than the other.  God created each of us in His Image.  Is this too deep for a simple poet to grasp, or is it so blatantly obvious that we are seeing right through it?


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