Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Person of His Love

Love.  Jesus Christ is the epitome of it!  God gave Him to us that we may not only enjoy it, but share it constantly with others!

In the Person of His love--
how could I find me there?!
After all the I have done,
He's still reaching out in care!
The love He has for ALL of us
depends on not a 'deed;'
such love--it is His character
and NOTHING will impede!
He lives inside...He walks beside us
KNOWING us in full;
yet such as that, away from us,
His Presence will not pull!
His love--it breaks the power of sin
and shortcomings of life...
His love--for it has won the battle
of all daily strife!

Yes, in the Person of His love,
Jesus Christ the Lord,
the greatest victory of all,
therefore, is to afford!
He loves me, He loves you, and NOTHING
can come in between!
The Blood of Jesus--so alive--
it ever makes us clean!

So blessed, happy and fortunate be them that know the reality of Jesus' love!  Are you one of them?  I promise you, His love for YOU is just as real as it is for anyone else.  Enjoy it!


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