Monday, July 15, 2019

The Lobby

Once again, such a busy place.  This time, however, most of the folks here waiting are in need of physical care.  That said, some probably have a need that is more imperative and can be met such as we.
Will YOU get involved...

People passing by
so foreign to my eye;
they are all here for care,
but will ANY share?
With a need we each are here;
some needs are not too clear;
so obvious some be,
but universal ONE to be.

Every person in this place
is needing of His loving grace!
And the Blood that Jesus bore
meets ALL the needs and so much more!
But just how many know
that they can freely go
to Jesus with that need
and He will get them freed?

So many passing by,
each trying to avoid the eye
lest they might have to share
with someone who DOES care!
REACH OUT!  REACH OUT, therefore!
We have what they're here for!
For nothing else can provide
the JESUS we have inside!

No matter what you may possess, what your need may be, there is a greater need out there and YOU CAN do something about it.  Will you?


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