Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The First of Early

That sacred time with you and God alone as you behold His creation...or is that foreign to you?

In the first of early, there are
songs throughout the limbs.
The ear that pays attention will
discern those glory hymns!
The song of joy and praise to Him
for meeting their each need...
the song of His protection with
refrain of how they're freed!

In the first of early--can you
relate to such a song?
After all, unto the same
Creator you belong!
He liberates and He provides
the very same for you!
Ignore the verse--ask Him for
yourself if it be true!

Oh, the first of early, before
labor has its way...
yet, even there, the glories of Him
you can show, convey!
But savor this this time before that time,
enjoy Him--face-to-face,
and He will see to your success
as you go grace-to grace!

I hear so many come to me describing their lack of peace.  Could it be that we rise up each morning not even seeking it, dwelling instead on the tasks awaiting and going straight into the fray?

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