Friday, July 26, 2019

That Welcome Respite

Business...busyness...stress...even just daily can sometimes add up to what seems insurmountable.  BUT GOD provides a time of refreshing...

The glorious noise that cannot be explained--

too beautiful to, by verses, be contained;
it comes from Him Who walks beside this man,
and it is art of His most-perfect plan!
It transports me where nothing will distract
allowing me, with God, to interact!
And there, such purity is commonplace;
and there, behold I majesty and grace!

That glorious noise makes troubles disappear;
it's free from apprehension, stress and fear;
it's full of joy, serenity, grace and love,
and it's availed from only Father God above!
It is a necessary place that He provides
because He knows everything that, in the day, resides!
He knows, He comprehends and understands,
thus, in that place, He offers His open hands!

That glorious noise that I so look forward to.
With each new moment it becomes anew!
And, in His Presence there is no such thing as 'time!'
And those hands, they invite even you to climb!

Do you know that noise contained in these words?  It is the sweet music of His voice calling you to escape this life for just awhile and be refreshed!  Don't ever ignore that invitation.  It is SO necessary!


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