Tuesday, July 23, 2019

That Stability!

The world turns.  Time marches on.  Advances are being made at a pace that few can grasp!  There are, however, truths and guarantees that NEVER change, regardless of 'time's attitude...

There is hope in spite of situations

life may find us in;
there is peace that passes all insight;
(in ONE does it begin!)
There is love that has no basis and
it is availed to ALL!
And in spite of 'time,' in spite of 'this world,'
JESUS contains it all!

Regardless what is said or done

His truth remains secure!
For it will see us through ALL things
and cause us to endure!
He even gives us joy amidst
the thorns that may arise;
Jesus Christ--all settled 'logic,'
His great love defies!

So press on in HIS strength through the day

that seeks to bring us down.
He sees the victory even when
our hearts may have a frown!
He loves us more than anything
or anyone can tell!
The world turns...time marches on...
but victory WILL compel!

HIS love, HIS hope and HIS great care for us WILL see us through!  Remember this truth whenever you are having 'one of THOSE' days,' knowing that our steps are already established and the victory has been won...in JESUS!


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