Saturday, July 27, 2019


Is it only a time of the after day?  Absolutely not!  It is a point of life that we must all face AND decide what we are going to do about it!

Sun is setting once again--

day is almost done;
the fleeting rays create a sight
untouched by anyone!
Darkness soon will cover all
the land throughout the night;
I must attempt to make the most
of the remaining light.
Though evening is approaching sure,
the light can still be seen;
'tis only yet a little while
'fore darkness will convene.

The sun is setting on this life;
darkness soon will come.
The Light may soon be taken up
but it will not succumb!
Some live in darkness even now,
no knowledge of The Light...
others know of it, but choose
to press on in the night!

The Light of all the world is Christ--
some know Him, so do not.
The chance to live, though, in the Light
each living soul has got!
And therefore it is up to us
residing in the Light
to be a candle unto them
residing in the night!

The Light is glow inside of you.  Are you going to shine it as you go your way or keep Him to yourself?  Trust me, there is plenty to go around, and MANY are them that are groping for The True light!


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