Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Oh, That Place!

Are you are aware of it?  It is promised to them that know Jesus Christ personally, and it is paradise!  However, there is a life to live before we get there and, in that life, we are NOT comfortless!

There is a place where stress will be no more.
It is a time so many are waiting for!
But greater, it's a time that will not end;
and Jesus--He will rule as God and Friend!

Until that time and place that's just ahead,
we are to press on and be Spirit-led
doing what He leads us each to do,
and sharing love and faith--no matter who!

For God--He's purposed, (and He keeps His word!)
to take care of us and make sure we're heard!
His care and love--no limits do they know;
just stay connected to Him as we go!

That time and place--we all desire so.
Yet, on the way, some challenges we'll know.
But He will even be there through them all,
as long as we're responsive to His Call!

That perfect time and place
availed by God's grace.
Christ's Blood to get us here--
let NOTHING interfere!!

Know Jesus Christ personally.  Not just for that Paradise ahead called Heaven, but for His constant love and companionship beforehand, too!  


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