Thursday, July 11, 2019

Moving along, and then...

Taking care of business.  Running here and there getting things done.  The telephone rings or you get a note in the mail that is completely unexpected...and painful!  What do you do next?

When situations overwhelm

and seem to multiply,
One is in complete control
and, cling to Him, do I!
He sees already the results;
the outcome, it is known;
secure in Him can I press on

Yes, situations, usually,

one-at-a time, are not!
But this I know: each detail of
my life, the Lord has got!
Though peace and calm seem 'absent'
they are present with The Lord,
and, His Presence, constantly
to me does He afford!

"Jesus--You are higher--more

than situations all!
In You alone, our confidence--
it NEVER is to stall!
You were, You are and You will be
regardless what we face!
Incredible, Your love and care;
AMAZING is Your grace!"

Everywhere about our day as we go through this life, things can and will happen that may shake and rock our world.  But ONE facet of that world remains the same and unshakable: His Name is Jesus!  Make sure He is YOUR foundation, too, or it will be a very bumpy ride!


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