Sunday, July 14, 2019

Morning out

Once again, in the Presence of God in the glory of His creation.  This time, He speaks through one of His gentlest handiworks...

A quiet little morning steam
into the pastures vast...
lest you attempt to notice it,
the blessing will go past;
along the silent banks be blossoms--
red, pink, violet, green,
yellow to accentuate
the vision--so serene.
Beyond the pastureland afar
the purple mountains rise
into the billows, gently reaching
low into the skies;
all of this in silence, save
the trickle of the stream;
savor it before you wake
into the busy dream!

But everyone needs such escape
from issues of the day!
they're everywhere--but it takes effort
to escape the fray
and enjoy His handiwork
for long as any can.
Don't miss the quiet morning stream--
it's part of God's great plan!

Take time.  MAKE time to notice those 'little' things that He places upon the Narrow Way.  Soon enough will be the tasks at hand, but there are respites from it everywhere...IF we  pay attention.

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