Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Meanwhile, elsewhere...

How simple it is for us to get comfortable in our lives and situations.  The sun is shining... we're feeling good...our needs are met...  However, while this happens, others may not have it so well...

While I sit here at ease

in the gentle, summer breeze
listening to birds sing
LIFE is happening!
Elsewhere, this precious life
includes challenges and strife.
It even involves pain,
as, with sunshine, comes the rain.

My brother, far away,
has challenges today.
His life--it is at stake,
and I pray so for his sake.
Great God--Who knows all things,
knows what He needs to bring
relief unto my brother--
I trust Him and no other!

If YOU now savor calm,
secure inside God's palm
and know of trial somewhere
then, surely, go to prayer
and, for them, intercede--
whatever be the need,
and God will honor you--
for He knows ALL that He must do!

Let us never get so 'comfortable' in our faith and our lives that we lose sight of those who do not have it so good.  Each of us are called.  How many truly respond?


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