Sunday, July 28, 2019

Love lives on!

So grateful for Jesus and His comfort!  No matter what we go through in this life, no matter what happens to us or the ones we love, He understands and offers us his arms and His comfort!

"You hold me when the pain would seem to great,

telling me You know and You relate.
You leave not, even when I am o.k.,
escorting me each step along the way.
Your strength, it is inside me all along,
helping me to retain that inner song.
Oh Lord, I would prefer no greater prize
than YOUR reality to realize!

Your peace, Your consolation and Your joy--

but constantly is this man to enjoy
even when tragedy in this life would occur;
You are the same, Lord, as You always were!
And greater, when this life would take away,
Your loving arms about me ever stay
with sweet assurance through those healing tears
instilling YOUR strength to combat the fears.

Oh Lord, You know and understand our loss.

Though the world may try to distract or gloss...
though even well-meant words may come our way...
YOU still have the perfect words to say!
And Your embrace--it is necessary so
for us to heal and, boldly onward, go!
We need You, we require Your presence, Lord,
Your perfection and Your everything to afford!"

This life gives and takes.  We can be riding high one day and then the phone rings causing us to come crashing down.  But God is right there when that happens, helping us back up, holding us until we get our bearings back.  His comfort is priceless, and His promise that we will be together again keeps us going.  Don't ever give up!


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