Friday, July 5, 2019

Liberty Celebration!

Life with Jesus is a celebration!  Even when the world seems to have its way, knowing that we 'belong' to The One Who is greater than the world always gets us through it...victoriously!

There be so much to celebrate-

and right before our eyes!
So many the occasions that
the world may recognize;
but even on a 'plain, old day'
with nothing going on,
Jesus Christ alive is cause
to be festive upon!

Jesus Christ alive--what greater

cause have we to cheer!
He even joins us in our song
and makes us to revere
that precious time inside His Presence
few can understand!
Not a thing to matter there:
no land!

Celebrating Jesus and

the liberty availed!
Do so as He looks beyond
the times we may have failed;
and revel in His wonder and
His everlasting joy!
The celebration of The king--
but daily let's employ!

Yes, Jesus is TRUE liberty, freedom and celebration that NOTHING in this world can impair!  Enjoy His Presence as you go about whatever your day may contain!


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