Monday, July 22, 2019

'Jesus' kind of peace!

There is nothing like it.  No substitute for it.  And there is no greater example of it than having THE Prince of Peace in your heart!  He can take whatever kind of day you are having and cause you to be victorious over it!

The busyness of business now behind...

a very pleasant evening to find!
Even the heat has disappeared for now,
a deep, relieving sigh for to allow!
And as the sun retires in the west,
I am reminded I am so very blessed!
And I call upon the Lord to join me here
and visit with me as the eve draws near.
His Presence--though with this man constantly--
it generates such joy so deep in me;
it causes peace that no one can explain--
it must be experienced without refrain!

Yes, the day--it came and went, (with great success!)
because Jesus is, so constantly, to bless!
And no matter what the morrow may contain,
His perfect peace again will yet sustain!

His peace and joy availed.  And not just for a few, but for ANY AND ALL that call Him "Lord" and trust in Him.

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