Monday, July 1, 2019

In spite of the Storm

Every one of us, in some form or another, face a storm each and every day.  These storms are not always related to the weather, but we must weather them anyway!  We do so, however, KNOWING that we do not go through them alone.

"Whatever be the storm in this life,
You command us 'calm...'
regardless of the tumult, You
contain us in Your palm!
You marvel at the panic and
discomfort we possess;
yet, through it all, You cling to us,
You prosper and You bless!

Whatever the distraction be,
You never let us go.
The grip of Your love--it is more
than all of life could know!
Even when the storm is passed
and we begin to stray,
Your arm is never far from us,
wooing us Your way!

The storm and the distraction--they
are part of every day;
but You are God, and You remain
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
And You will not give up on us
until this life is gone;
yet even then, in Paradise,
Your passion will go on!!"

Be there a storm in your life this day?  Don't forget the One Who is greater than any storm and can and will rescue or protect you if you call upon Him.  His Name is JESUS!

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