Saturday, July 6, 2019


So often, indeed constantly, there are opportunities before us.  Many of us, however, get stuck in the habit of "waiting to hear from God" before we proceed.  God cannot direct or steer us unless we are 'moving.'
Is there something that you should be doing right now?

"Get up!  Get up! Go forward!
Do ye all that I command!
Have no fear of anything!
For you are in My hand!
My purposes are higher--more
than you can figure out;
go forward, following My lead,
and do not ever doubt!"

"BUT GOD..."---How often our response
when WE get such commands?
God--He knows the answer, but
He fully understands.
Do your best, though, to proceed,
the way--it is prepared!
He is aware and He provides,
even though we're scared.

Get up, therefore, go forth with knowledge
you are not alone.
For God has been that way before,
and your each step is known!
Know the peace in knowing such
and, surely, you'll succeed;
as He tends to each detail, meeting
everything you need!

For God--He is aware,
and you are in His care!
Labor so then rest,
and, surely, you'll be blessed!

He cannot move us unless we are already in motion.  We may not always know which direction, but as we trust fully in Him we shall arrive at victory!

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