Wednesday, July 31, 2019

"Come Again!" We pray!

Oh, won't it be wonderful there?  That Place where we are in His actual Presence constantly!  In the meantime, continue to serve Him, even as the heart would cry out

"COME QUICKLY!"  all of life be crying out!

We are poised, Lord, for that Trumpet and that shout!
Our eyes are fixed to see You in the sky;
the ages and the seasons prophesy!

O come quickly!  We desire to be with You!
With wickedness, o God, would we be through!
Though we press on, o God, to do our best,
it seems, with evil, this world be obsessed!

Lord Jesus, it says "soon and very soon,"
but make it even, Lord, this afternoon!
Your constant, visual Presence desire we,
to embrace You and to love You tangibly!

Heaven's bounty, Lord, we so desire;
That which You have in store in its entire!
Escaping this world's evil going on;
but utmost, our eyes, Your face to fix upon!

Yes, come quickly, even as Your Word exhorts!
Unto no other hope the heart resorts!
You are the ONLY Truth, the Life, the Way!
Come quickly, oh Lord Jesus, this we pray!"

It's been spoken, recorded, and promised for so many generations now: JESUS IS COMING!"  Yes, we've been hearing it for years, but let us not grow weary in well-doing, as this wicked world not only needs to hear it, it needs to see His love in action!  Keep pressing on.  Keep giving.  Keep loving.  For one more thing is certain: we are one day closer to His appearing!!


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