Friday, July 19, 2019


As days go time goes by...we grow more and more like the master we serve.  It's our nature.  The only question is: what or whom will you choose as your 'master?'

Jesus Christ within is more

than anything without!
Christ alive is even greater
than the strongest doubt!
He is standing-far beyond
temptations that arise,
and He is looking, with perfect love,
into our very eyes!

Jesus Christ alive is more--

He NEVER looks away,
Even when the world's views
and pleasures bid me sway...
even when the struggle seems
much more than we can bear,
the love of Jesus Christ alone
is firmly standing there!

Jesus Christ alive--and NOTHING,

of this life, prevents!
If you are His and He is yours
so minor are events
that dare attempt to trip or snare
or lead our hearts astray!
Jesus Christ alive--He is
the Truth, the Life, the Way!!

You belong to Jesus!  Don't let ANYTHING of this life embezzle you out of the truth of His love and care!  No thing of this place is worth what He is and can be in your life!


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