Wednesday, July 24, 2019


What a glorious new day!  And seeing from this vantage point is all the more wonderful...

The coastline is alive so early,
endless is the sand;
this time, from atop the knoll,
there is no one on that land!
Just the sound of gentle waves
that roll along the shore,
the conversation of the gulls
and bay seals--five and more.
And the voice of God Most High
as We, again, converse:
that beautiful, impromptu prayer--
the kind you don't rehearse.
We talk about the things I see,
and He points out much more:
He reveals so many wonders
I've not seen before!

I can freely talk 'cause He
already knows my heart.
He knows the burdens and desires,
and peace does He impart.
Far greater than the peace that comes
from watching rolling waves,
it is that perfect peace that
liberates and even saves!

The endless coastline--so alive--
though 'empty' some would call;
the heart of one who truly seeks,
it surely would enthrall!

Watching the ocean with a cup of coffee to start the day.  The Presence of God to accompany and enhance this beautiful time and place.  How awesome it is to be in the very Presence of the One with the hands that crafted it!

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