Saturday, July 27, 2019

As the World Turns...

Time is short.  I know, we've been hearing that for years.  But this I know also as FACT: we are one day closer to that awesome, beautiful and terrible day! 

For even as we go about the day,
A Plan--it is in motion and will stay;

even as I pen the verse and word,
happenings divine--they are occurred!
Even as WE plan for Monday week,
those steps are known to One Who is unique!
For He has promised He is on His Way,
and naught will change that which we do or say!

Jesus Christ is coming and is ready!
Even if the world be so unsteady
naught shall hinder that set time and day;
be ready, friend and brother, for His fray!
Some will see it, others, they may not.
Our times and seasons He's securely got!
He knows His Own and those who are not yet;
so, ready, we must each make sure we get!

His Plan--it DOES include you--but what side?
Will you be spared the terrors and the tide?
Or will your ascension be before that affair
that, with each and every Own, He will freely share?

Yes, again, He's coming soon!  We KNOW this by the times and seasons that The Bible has clearly outline!  Your wealth won't get you there...your 'tradition' won't let you escape...even your standing in the church won't protect you...your good deeds and actions won't get you there...only a born-again relationship with Jesus Christ will guarantee a place in Paradise when all of this goes down.
Search your heart and make sure that you are born-again, not just for 'fire-insurance,' but for a place in HIS eternal Paradise, enjoying Him for all time.  It's not too late...yet!

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