Thursday, July 4, 2019


WE ARE SO BLESSED!  So fortunate, so wealthy--regardless what your bank acct. may say, we must never lose sight of how wealthy we are in Christ, and blessed to be residing in this country!

"Oh Father, Your creation is amazing!

How many times, each day, to find me gazing
at the wonders of Your mighty hand
all about me, all across the land?
I see the mountains majestic, standing tall...
the endless plains--producing crops and all...
and the coastlines--restless, rocks and sand...
all created by Your constantly moving hand!

And, Lord, the liberty most take for granted
in this land of plenty, this land so great;
we celebrate You and we thank You for it
as we take a respite to celebrate.
And, like so differently You make each of us,
You made this land to never be the same,
and caused us freedom to have celebration
as, today, that liberty we celebrate!
The fireworks...the family...the fixin's,
are wonderful--yet secondary to
the freedom and the liberty provided
in the very Person that is YOU!"

AMERICA--we celebrate our independence
by reaching out to others that are not
while being grateful to the God of Heaven
for Who He is and the bounty we have got!

Go ahead.  Rejoice and celebrate our country with pride and pageantry!  Many have given their lives that we may do so.  While we do, however, say a sincere prayer for those who know not yet such luxury, that they, too, may know such celebration someday.

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