Saturday, July 13, 2019

After all

The crowds came.  We served them and ministered to them.  Everyone left happy and satisfied.  Now, to relax and rest, I find a secluded place

Atop a subtle hill upon
a salt-and-pepper day;
being summertime, a storm
is sure to come this way!)
but right now, in the in-and-out
of early evening sun,
it is sure another day
of glory has been done!

Who can gauge the vision as
for distance at this point?
It is so beautiful, we know
God--He surely did anoint!
One can see beyond the fields
and hills that gently roll,
all the way to yonder lakes
and the rivers whole!

And the birds--they celebrate
in glorious of song!
Assuring us that, in this beauty
also we belong!
His creation--always new and
wonderful to see;
and His Presence--there's no greater
place for one to be!

Can you see it?  Hopefully the pen can relate to you the glorious location I was when He gave these words to me.  HIS creation!  There is nothing else like it!

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