Friday, July 12, 2019

A witness

Life gets more and more busy with each passing day.  Our calling, however, remains the same no matter how busy we get.  Are we effective?

"With opportunity to speak,
what would You have me say?
I talk with people as it is
for many hours each day;
but do they hear more than the words
that come out of this man?
Do they know that You are God,
and You have THE Perfect Plan?

Oh Lord, be seen and heard in all
that I may say and do!
O let my very countenance
cause others to want YOU!
So very little matters in
this life that You have made--
only that which counts eternally
will never fade!
So, Lord, be visible in all
the things I do each day.
Let my actions and my words
point others to The Way!
Time--it is so precious when
thought of eternally.
Therefore, my Lord, a shadow of You,
may I always be!"

I see and hear from so many people each and every day.  Unfortunately, I don't always have the time to share Jesus with them in word.  I must, therefore, display Him so that they might be affected for His glory.

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