Wednesday, July 31, 2019

"Come Again!" We pray!

Oh, won't it be wonderful there?  That Place where we are in His actual Presence constantly!  In the meantime, continue to serve Him, even as the heart would cry out

"COME QUICKLY!"  all of life be crying out!

We are poised, Lord, for that Trumpet and that shout!
Our eyes are fixed to see You in the sky;
the ages and the seasons prophesy!

O come quickly!  We desire to be with You!
With wickedness, o God, would we be through!
Though we press on, o God, to do our best,
it seems, with evil, this world be obsessed!

Lord Jesus, it says "soon and very soon,"
but make it even, Lord, this afternoon!
Your constant, visual Presence desire we,
to embrace You and to love You tangibly!

Heaven's bounty, Lord, we so desire;
That which You have in store in its entire!
Escaping this world's evil going on;
but utmost, our eyes, Your face to fix upon!

Yes, come quickly, even as Your Word exhorts!
Unto no other hope the heart resorts!
You are the ONLY Truth, the Life, the Way!
Come quickly, oh Lord Jesus, this we pray!"

It's been spoken, recorded, and promised for so many generations now: JESUS IS COMING!"  Yes, we've been hearing it for years, but let us not grow weary in well-doing, as this wicked world not only needs to hear it, it needs to see His love in action!  Keep pressing on.  Keep giving.  Keep loving.  For one more thing is certain: we are one day closer to His appearing!!


Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The First of Early

That sacred time with you and God alone as you behold His creation...or is that foreign to you?

In the first of early, there are
songs throughout the limbs.
The ear that pays attention will
discern those glory hymns!
The song of joy and praise to Him
for meeting their each need...
the song of His protection with
refrain of how they're freed!

In the first of early--can you
relate to such a song?
After all, unto the same
Creator you belong!
He liberates and He provides
the very same for you!
Ignore the verse--ask Him for
yourself if it be true!

Oh, the first of early, before
labor has its way...
yet, even there, the glories of Him
you can show, convey!
But savor this this time before that time,
enjoy Him--face-to-face,
and He will see to your success
as you go grace-to grace!

I hear so many come to me describing their lack of peace.  Could it be that we rise up each morning not even seeking it, dwelling instead on the tasks awaiting and going straight into the fray?

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Love lives on!

So grateful for Jesus and His comfort!  No matter what we go through in this life, no matter what happens to us or the ones we love, He understands and offers us his arms and His comfort!

"You hold me when the pain would seem to great,

telling me You know and You relate.
You leave not, even when I am o.k.,
escorting me each step along the way.
Your strength, it is inside me all along,
helping me to retain that inner song.
Oh Lord, I would prefer no greater prize
than YOUR reality to realize!

Your peace, Your consolation and Your joy--

but constantly is this man to enjoy
even when tragedy in this life would occur;
You are the same, Lord, as You always were!
And greater, when this life would take away,
Your loving arms about me ever stay
with sweet assurance through those healing tears
instilling YOUR strength to combat the fears.

Oh Lord, You know and understand our loss.

Though the world may try to distract or gloss...
though even well-meant words may come our way...
YOU still have the perfect words to say!
And Your embrace--it is necessary so
for us to heal and, boldly onward, go!
We need You, we require Your presence, Lord,
Your perfection and Your everything to afford!"

This life gives and takes.  We can be riding high one day and then the phone rings causing us to come crashing down.  But God is right there when that happens, helping us back up, holding us until we get our bearings back.  His comfort is priceless, and His promise that we will be together again keeps us going.  Don't ever give up!


Saturday, July 27, 2019


Is it only a time of the after day?  Absolutely not!  It is a point of life that we must all face AND decide what we are going to do about it!

Sun is setting once again--

day is almost done;
the fleeting rays create a sight
untouched by anyone!
Darkness soon will cover all
the land throughout the night;
I must attempt to make the most
of the remaining light.
Though evening is approaching sure,
the light can still be seen;
'tis only yet a little while
'fore darkness will convene.

The sun is setting on this life;
darkness soon will come.
The Light may soon be taken up
but it will not succumb!
Some live in darkness even now,
no knowledge of The Light...
others know of it, but choose
to press on in the night!

The Light of all the world is Christ--
some know Him, so do not.
The chance to live, though, in the Light
each living soul has got!
And therefore it is up to us
residing in the Light
to be a candle unto them
residing in the night!

The Light is glow inside of you.  Are you going to shine it as you go your way or keep Him to yourself?  Trust me, there is plenty to go around, and MANY are them that are groping for The True light!


As the World Turns...

Time is short.  I know, we've been hearing that for years.  But this I know also as FACT: we are one day closer to that awesome, beautiful and terrible day! 

For even as we go about the day,
A Plan--it is in motion and will stay;

even as I pen the verse and word,
happenings divine--they are occurred!
Even as WE plan for Monday week,
those steps are known to One Who is unique!
For He has promised He is on His Way,
and naught will change that which we do or say!

Jesus Christ is coming and is ready!
Even if the world be so unsteady
naught shall hinder that set time and day;
be ready, friend and brother, for His fray!
Some will see it, others, they may not.
Our times and seasons He's securely got!
He knows His Own and those who are not yet;
so, ready, we must each make sure we get!

His Plan--it DOES include you--but what side?
Will you be spared the terrors and the tide?
Or will your ascension be before that affair
that, with each and every Own, He will freely share?

Yes, again, He's coming soon!  We KNOW this by the times and seasons that The Bible has clearly outline!  Your wealth won't get you there...your 'tradition' won't let you escape...even your standing in the church won't protect you...your good deeds and actions won't get you there...only a born-again relationship with Jesus Christ will guarantee a place in Paradise when all of this goes down.
Search your heart and make sure that you are born-again, not just for 'fire-insurance,' but for a place in HIS eternal Paradise, enjoying Him for all time.  It's not too late...yet!

Friday, July 26, 2019

That Welcome Respite

Business...busyness...stress...even just daily can sometimes add up to what seems insurmountable.  BUT GOD provides a time of refreshing...

The glorious noise that cannot be explained--

too beautiful to, by verses, be contained;
it comes from Him Who walks beside this man,
and it is art of His most-perfect plan!
It transports me where nothing will distract
allowing me, with God, to interact!
And there, such purity is commonplace;
and there, behold I majesty and grace!

That glorious noise makes troubles disappear;
it's free from apprehension, stress and fear;
it's full of joy, serenity, grace and love,
and it's availed from only Father God above!
It is a necessary place that He provides
because He knows everything that, in the day, resides!
He knows, He comprehends and understands,
thus, in that place, He offers His open hands!

That glorious noise that I so look forward to.
With each new moment it becomes anew!
And, in His Presence there is no such thing as 'time!'
And those hands, they invite even you to climb!

Do you know that noise contained in these words?  It is the sweet music of His voice calling you to escape this life for just awhile and be refreshed!  Don't ever ignore that invitation.  It is SO necessary!


Thursday, July 25, 2019

Too Simple to see?

So wonderful and successful has the day been as we follow in His steps along the Narrow Way.  Then we get home and turn on the news...

Oh, for peace that is greater than 'tradition;'

peace that goes beyond a 'border' line;
peace transcending race or a religion,
peace that ALL would say is "yours and mine!"

O God, it seems the more that we develop,

more numerous the issues that divide!
But You created each man in Your image--
why, then, must each person have a 'side?'
There will be no borders when we get to Heaven.
'Denomination' won't be spoken of.
Why can't it be the same before we get there,
and reside beneath that banner that's called 'Love.?'

I know that, in such way, we can reside here.

We only must omit that word called 'pride'
and know You fully with our very being,
allowing others residence inside!

We have "Doctors without Borders," why can't we have life and love the same way?  Not one of us is better than the other.  God created each of us in His Image.  Is this too deep for a simple poet to grasp, or is it so blatantly obvious that we are seeing right through it?


Wednesday, July 24, 2019


What a glorious new day!  And seeing from this vantage point is all the more wonderful...

The coastline is alive so early,
endless is the sand;
this time, from atop the knoll,
there is no one on that land!
Just the sound of gentle waves
that roll along the shore,
the conversation of the gulls
and bay seals--five and more.
And the voice of God Most High
as We, again, converse:
that beautiful, impromptu prayer--
the kind you don't rehearse.
We talk about the things I see,
and He points out much more:
He reveals so many wonders
I've not seen before!

I can freely talk 'cause He
already knows my heart.
He knows the burdens and desires,
and peace does He impart.
Far greater than the peace that comes
from watching rolling waves,
it is that perfect peace that
liberates and even saves!

The endless coastline--so alive--
though 'empty' some would call;
the heart of one who truly seeks,
it surely would enthrall!

Watching the ocean with a cup of coffee to start the day.  The Presence of God to accompany and enhance this beautiful time and place.  How awesome it is to be in the very Presence of the One with the hands that crafted it!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

That Stability!

The world turns.  Time marches on.  Advances are being made at a pace that few can grasp!  There are, however, truths and guarantees that NEVER change, regardless of 'time's attitude...

There is hope in spite of situations

life may find us in;
there is peace that passes all insight;
(in ONE does it begin!)
There is love that has no basis and
it is availed to ALL!
And in spite of 'time,' in spite of 'this world,'
JESUS contains it all!

Regardless what is said or done

His truth remains secure!
For it will see us through ALL things
and cause us to endure!
He even gives us joy amidst
the thorns that may arise;
Jesus Christ--all settled 'logic,'
His great love defies!

So press on in HIS strength through the day

that seeks to bring us down.
He sees the victory even when
our hearts may have a frown!
He loves us more than anything
or anyone can tell!
The world turns...time marches on...
but victory WILL compel!

HIS love, HIS hope and HIS great care for us WILL see us through!  Remember this truth whenever you are having 'one of THOSE' days,' knowing that our steps are already established and the victory has been JESUS!


Monday, July 22, 2019

'Jesus' kind of peace!

There is nothing like it.  No substitute for it.  And there is no greater example of it than having THE Prince of Peace in your heart!  He can take whatever kind of day you are having and cause you to be victorious over it!

The busyness of business now behind...

a very pleasant evening to find!
Even the heat has disappeared for now,
a deep, relieving sigh for to allow!
And as the sun retires in the west,
I am reminded I am so very blessed!
And I call upon the Lord to join me here
and visit with me as the eve draws near.
His Presence--though with this man constantly--
it generates such joy so deep in me;
it causes peace that no one can explain--
it must be experienced without refrain!

Yes, the day--it came and went, (with great success!)
because Jesus is, so constantly, to bless!
And no matter what the morrow may contain,
His perfect peace again will yet sustain!

His peace and joy availed.  And not just for a few, but for ANY AND ALL that call Him "Lord" and trust in Him.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Person of His Love

Love.  Jesus Christ is the epitome of it!  God gave Him to us that we may not only enjoy it, but share it constantly with others!

In the Person of His love--
how could I find me there?!
After all the I have done,
He's still reaching out in care!
The love He has for ALL of us
depends on not a 'deed;'
such love--it is His character
and NOTHING will impede!
He lives inside...He walks beside us
KNOWING us in full;
yet such as that, away from us,
His Presence will not pull!
His love--it breaks the power of sin
and shortcomings of life...
His love--for it has won the battle
of all daily strife!

Yes, in the Person of His love,
Jesus Christ the Lord,
the greatest victory of all,
therefore, is to afford!
He loves me, He loves you, and NOTHING
can come in between!
The Blood of Jesus--so alive--
it ever makes us clean!

So blessed, happy and fortunate be them that know the reality of Jesus' love!  Are you one of them?  I promise you, His love for YOU is just as real as it is for anyone else.  Enjoy it!


Friday, July 19, 2019


As days go time goes by...we grow more and more like the master we serve.  It's our nature.  The only question is: what or whom will you choose as your 'master?'

Jesus Christ within is more

than anything without!
Christ alive is even greater
than the strongest doubt!
He is standing-far beyond
temptations that arise,
and He is looking, with perfect love,
into our very eyes!

Jesus Christ alive is more--

He NEVER looks away,
Even when the world's views
and pleasures bid me sway...
even when the struggle seems
much more than we can bear,
the love of Jesus Christ alone
is firmly standing there!

Jesus Christ alive--and NOTHING,

of this life, prevents!
If you are His and He is yours
so minor are events
that dare attempt to trip or snare
or lead our hearts astray!
Jesus Christ alive--He is
the Truth, the Life, the Way!!

You belong to Jesus!  Don't let ANYTHING of this life embezzle you out of the truth of His love and care!  No thing of this place is worth what He is and can be in your life!


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Meanwhile, elsewhere...

How simple it is for us to get comfortable in our lives and situations.  The sun is shining... we're feeling good...our needs are met...  However, while this happens, others may not have it so well...

While I sit here at ease

in the gentle, summer breeze
listening to birds sing
LIFE is happening!
Elsewhere, this precious life
includes challenges and strife.
It even involves pain,
as, with sunshine, comes the rain.

My brother, far away,
has challenges today.
His life--it is at stake,
and I pray so for his sake.
Great God--Who knows all things,
knows what He needs to bring
relief unto my brother--
I trust Him and no other!

If YOU now savor calm,
secure inside God's palm
and know of trial somewhere
then, surely, go to prayer
and, for them, intercede--
whatever be the need,
and God will honor you--
for He knows ALL that He must do!

Let us never get so 'comfortable' in our faith and our lives that we lose sight of those who do not have it so good.  Each of us are called.  How many truly respond?


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Oh, That Place!

Are you are aware of it?  It is promised to them that know Jesus Christ personally, and it is paradise!  However, there is a life to live before we get there and, in that life, we are NOT comfortless!

There is a place where stress will be no more.
It is a time so many are waiting for!
But greater, it's a time that will not end;
and Jesus--He will rule as God and Friend!

Until that time and place that's just ahead,
we are to press on and be Spirit-led
doing what He leads us each to do,
and sharing love and faith--no matter who!

For God--He's purposed, (and He keeps His word!)
to take care of us and make sure we're heard!
His care and love--no limits do they know;
just stay connected to Him as we go!

That time and place--we all desire so.
Yet, on the way, some challenges we'll know.
But He will even be there through them all,
as long as we're responsive to His Call!

That perfect time and place
availed by God's grace.
Christ's Blood to get us here--
let NOTHING interfere!!

Know Jesus Christ personally.  Not just for that Paradise ahead called Heaven, but for His constant love and companionship beforehand, too!  


Monday, July 15, 2019

The Lobby

Once again, such a busy place.  This time, however, most of the folks here waiting are in need of physical care.  That said, some probably have a need that is more imperative and can be met such as we.
Will YOU get involved...

People passing by
so foreign to my eye;
they are all here for care,
but will ANY share?
With a need we each are here;
some needs are not too clear;
so obvious some be,
but universal ONE to be.

Every person in this place
is needing of His loving grace!
And the Blood that Jesus bore
meets ALL the needs and so much more!
But just how many know
that they can freely go
to Jesus with that need
and He will get them freed?

So many passing by,
each trying to avoid the eye
lest they might have to share
with someone who DOES care!
REACH OUT!  REACH OUT, therefore!
We have what they're here for!
For nothing else can provide
the JESUS we have inside!

No matter what you may possess, what your need may be, there is a greater need out there and YOU CAN do something about it.  Will you?


Sunday, July 14, 2019

Morning out

Once again, in the Presence of God in the glory of His creation.  This time, He speaks through one of His gentlest handiworks...

A quiet little morning steam
into the pastures vast...
lest you attempt to notice it,
the blessing will go past;
along the silent banks be blossoms--
red, pink, violet, green,
yellow to accentuate
the vision--so serene.
Beyond the pastureland afar
the purple mountains rise
into the billows, gently reaching
low into the skies;
all of this in silence, save
the trickle of the stream;
savor it before you wake
into the busy dream!

But everyone needs such escape
from issues of the day!
they're everywhere--but it takes effort
to escape the fray
and enjoy His handiwork
for long as any can.
Don't miss the quiet morning stream--
it's part of God's great plan!

Take time.  MAKE time to notice those 'little' things that He places upon the Narrow Way.  Soon enough will be the tasks at hand, but there are respites from it everywhere...IF we  pay attention.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

After all

The crowds came.  We served them and ministered to them.  Everyone left happy and satisfied.  Now, to relax and rest, I find a secluded place

Atop a subtle hill upon
a salt-and-pepper day;
being summertime, a storm
is sure to come this way!)
but right now, in the in-and-out
of early evening sun,
it is sure another day
of glory has been done!

Who can gauge the vision as
for distance at this point?
It is so beautiful, we know
God--He surely did anoint!
One can see beyond the fields
and hills that gently roll,
all the way to yonder lakes
and the rivers whole!

And the birds--they celebrate
in glorious of song!
Assuring us that, in this beauty
also we belong!
His creation--always new and
wonderful to see;
and His Presence--there's no greater
place for one to be!

Can you see it?  Hopefully the pen can relate to you the glorious location I was when He gave these words to me.  HIS creation!  There is nothing else like it!

Friday, July 12, 2019

A witness

Life gets more and more busy with each passing day.  Our calling, however, remains the same no matter how busy we get.  Are we effective?

"With opportunity to speak,
what would You have me say?
I talk with people as it is
for many hours each day;
but do they hear more than the words
that come out of this man?
Do they know that You are God,
and You have THE Perfect Plan?

Oh Lord, be seen and heard in all
that I may say and do!
O let my very countenance
cause others to want YOU!
So very little matters in
this life that You have made--
only that which counts eternally
will never fade!
So, Lord, be visible in all
the things I do each day.
Let my actions and my words
point others to The Way!
Time--it is so precious when
thought of eternally.
Therefore, my Lord, a shadow of You,
may I always be!"

I see and hear from so many people each and every day.  Unfortunately, I don't always have the time to share Jesus with them in word.  I must, therefore, display Him so that they might be affected for His glory.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Moving along, and then...

Taking care of business.  Running here and there getting things done.  The telephone rings or you get a note in the mail that is completely unexpected...and painful!  What do you do next?

When situations overwhelm

and seem to multiply,
One is in complete control
and, cling to Him, do I!
He sees already the results;
the outcome, it is known;
secure in Him can I press on

Yes, situations, usually,

one-at-a time, are not!
But this I know: each detail of
my life, the Lord has got!
Though peace and calm seem 'absent'
they are present with The Lord,
and, His Presence, constantly
to me does He afford!

"Jesus--You are higher--more

than situations all!
In You alone, our confidence--
it NEVER is to stall!
You were, You are and You will be
regardless what we face!
Incredible, Your love and care;
AMAZING is Your grace!"

Everywhere about our day as we go through this life, things can and will happen that may shake and rock our world.  But ONE facet of that world remains the same and unshakable: His Name is Jesus!  Make sure He is YOUR foundation, too, or it will be a very bumpy ride!


Saturday, July 6, 2019


So often, indeed constantly, there are opportunities before us.  Many of us, however, get stuck in the habit of "waiting to hear from God" before we proceed.  God cannot direct or steer us unless we are 'moving.'
Is there something that you should be doing right now?

"Get up!  Get up! Go forward!
Do ye all that I command!
Have no fear of anything!
For you are in My hand!
My purposes are higher--more
than you can figure out;
go forward, following My lead,
and do not ever doubt!"

"BUT GOD..."---How often our response
when WE get such commands?
God--He knows the answer, but
He fully understands.
Do your best, though, to proceed,
the way--it is prepared!
He is aware and He provides,
even though we're scared.

Get up, therefore, go forth with knowledge
you are not alone.
For God has been that way before,
and your each step is known!
Know the peace in knowing such
and, surely, you'll succeed;
as He tends to each detail, meeting
everything you need!

For God--He is aware,
and you are in His care!
Labor so then rest,
and, surely, you'll be blessed!

He cannot move us unless we are already in motion.  We may not always know which direction, but as we trust fully in Him we shall arrive at victory!

Friday, July 5, 2019

Liberty Celebration!

Life with Jesus is a celebration!  Even when the world seems to have its way, knowing that we 'belong' to The One Who is greater than the world always gets us through it...victoriously!

There be so much to celebrate-

and right before our eyes!
So many the occasions that
the world may recognize;
but even on a 'plain, old day'
with nothing going on,
Jesus Christ alive is cause
to be festive upon!

Jesus Christ alive--what greater

cause have we to cheer!
He even joins us in our song
and makes us to revere
that precious time inside His Presence
few can understand!
Not a thing to matter there:
no land!

Celebrating Jesus and

the liberty availed!
Do so as He looks beyond
the times we may have failed;
and revel in His wonder and
His everlasting joy!
The celebration of The king--
but daily let's employ!

Yes, Jesus is TRUE liberty, freedom and celebration that NOTHING in this world can impair!  Enjoy His Presence as you go about whatever your day may contain!


Thursday, July 4, 2019


WE ARE SO BLESSED!  So fortunate, so wealthy--regardless what your bank acct. may say, we must never lose sight of how wealthy we are in Christ, and blessed to be residing in this country!

"Oh Father, Your creation is amazing!

How many times, each day, to find me gazing
at the wonders of Your mighty hand
all about me, all across the land?
I see the mountains majestic, standing tall...
the endless plains--producing crops and all...
and the coastlines--restless, rocks and sand...
all created by Your constantly moving hand!

And, Lord, the liberty most take for granted
in this land of plenty, this land so great;
we celebrate You and we thank You for it
as we take a respite to celebrate.
And, like so differently You make each of us,
You made this land to never be the same,
and caused us freedom to have celebration
as, today, that liberty we celebrate!
The fireworks...the family...the fixin's,
are wonderful--yet secondary to
the freedom and the liberty provided
in the very Person that is YOU!"

AMERICA--we celebrate our independence
by reaching out to others that are not
while being grateful to the God of Heaven
for Who He is and the bounty we have got!

Go ahead.  Rejoice and celebrate our country with pride and pageantry!  Many have given their lives that we may do so.  While we do, however, say a sincere prayer for those who know not yet such luxury, that they, too, may know such celebration someday.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


As I wrote yesterday, the storms will surely come.  Too, they come in all forms and sizes.  The greatest matter in those storms is to be our actions and reactions to them.  Have you thought about that at all?

There is a storm upon the rise,
(although the skies are clear;)
you feel it brewing and you know
that it is very near.
It is not always in the skies
that turbulence arises;
be ready, though, at every turn--
for there WILL BE surprises!

The storm not always takes the shape
of something just outside.
It could be something IN your house,
or even deep inside!
It could be something in a person
that encounters you;
at that moment will you have
the tools for what to do?

The storm will surely be,
but 'when and what' we'll see.
Keep living until then.
Keep sharing with all men.
For God rides upon the storm.
He'll protect and He'll transform
tragedy that might be
into opportunity!

Yes, storms WILL come in this life.  They will come in all sizes and situations.  God is looking for how we will react to them, and gives opportunity to avail Himself whenever and wherever we need Him.  Remember to cling to Him at all times, especially THROUGH the storm! 

Monday, July 1, 2019

In spite of the Storm

Every one of us, in some form or another, face a storm each and every day.  These storms are not always related to the weather, but we must weather them anyway!  We do so, however, KNOWING that we do not go through them alone.

"Whatever be the storm in this life,
You command us 'calm...'
regardless of the tumult, You
contain us in Your palm!
You marvel at the panic and
discomfort we possess;
yet, through it all, You cling to us,
You prosper and You bless!

Whatever the distraction be,
You never let us go.
The grip of Your love--it is more
than all of life could know!
Even when the storm is passed
and we begin to stray,
Your arm is never far from us,
wooing us Your way!

The storm and the distraction--they
are part of every day;
but You are God, and You remain
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
And You will not give up on us
until this life is gone;
yet even then, in Paradise,
Your passion will go on!!"

Be there a storm in your life this day?  Don't forget the One Who is greater than any storm and can and will rescue or protect you if you call upon Him.  His Name is JESUS!