Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Day-to-day life has its ups and downs.  Even those who have the same thing to do over and over each day experience this.  Some call it ritual.  Some call it a ‘rut.’  Yet even those have their ups and downs.  And no matter how this life treats you, there is One Who has a quite different view of you…

“No matter what the world thinks,

You’re beautiful to Me!

Regardless how they feel, My child,

They can’t see what I see!

Even if you feel that way

About yourself, it’s true

You are the apple of My eye,

And you have great value!

For you have such worth unto Me

I give my very Son!

Regardless of what others think,

regardless what you’ve done,

I treasure you and. To the ends

Of earth, I’ll surely go

Just to be a part of your life,

That, my love, you’ll know!

So pay no heed to them that taunt you,

You belong to me!

I give My Word—for therein lies

The truth of what I see

When I look upon you: it’s

A picture of My love!

Press on, My child, I am with You,

And you reside above!”

Ahh, what precious assurances we have from One Whose love is perfect!  Do YOU know that love yet?  All you have to do is ask.  Trust me, you are far more valuable than you think!

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