Friday, June 21, 2019

The Necessary Place

Driving along after a very busy day.  Rounding the bend, Holy Spirit causes me to see something and pull over...

A mirror is upon the placid lake;

with not a whisper to produce a wake
each detail of the mountains and the sky
duplicates as evening is nigh.
And the noises that would, here, abound,
only two or three are even found!
Take it in and savor perfect peace--
everything of earlier release.
For in His wisdom God has made this place
as an escape, so briefly, from the race
to be with Him--to give and to receive;
it be a place one never wants to leave!
So savor this location while you can.
Tasks await, according to His plan.
But, even there, His Presence changes not:
as, in His palm, our very lives, He's got!
Yes, 'life' will happen everywhere we go.
Sometimes, it cares not what it will bestow.
BUT GOD, He knows of it and He's prepared!
Trust in Him.  Enjoy Him.  Don't be scared!

This beautiful lake at the foot of those mountains.  God knew that I would need to see something like this after the day that I have had.  And He knows exactly what YOU are going to need after the day that YOU have had.  Do you trust that He is aware of it all?  You can.

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