Saturday, June 22, 2019

That simple squirrel!

Once again, captured by simplicity.  Caused to pause in a complicated world to behold something so simple, so wonderful that I am led to praise my Creator:

Just outside the window,
upon the wooden rail,
a squirrel consumes the gatherings
from yesterevening's pail.
He's unaware he entertains
a person with a pen;
oblivious is he of me
or any other men.
Before the dogs catch sight of him
I give thanks unto God.
His handiwork is ever-rife,
and such do I applaud!
A sight so very simple,
a moment so profound.
Look about YOUR world and know
such wonders to abound!

God is so good.  He affords this writer so many opportunities to see the moving of His hand!  Do YOU recognize such throughout your day?  I promise you, His Presence exists there!

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