Friday, June 28, 2019


Busy, busy, busy.  This life is more than happy to keep you going and never stop.  God, however, has a much different plan for you.  Which one are you going to choose...

So many the distractions--

the good, the bad--so real.
The enemy will do his best,
God's goodness to conceal!
Tasks and duties, obligations,
o so real each day;
the very same can be allowed
to keep us from The Way!
But Jesus--He gives balance
if we allow Him to;
if we will focus on His will
and not another view
He will cause success to be
in spite of everything;
focus on the utmost is
what Jesus Christ can bring!

Life--it does not notice you
as it continues on;
should we get caught up in the same,
too soon, it will be gone!
But living with intention, paying
heed to God Most High,
that same time will be fulfilled,
and victory be nigh!

Being distracted.  In the busy world that we must live in, it is so easy to do.  BUT GOD provides focus as we call upon Him and follow Holy Spirit's lead.
Is there anything in this life that is hindering you from living purposefully?

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