Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Of Greatest Worth!

Yes, that relationship we get with God through His Son Jesus.  Though life has its ups and downs, God remains stable.  And He offers you such stability, too...

"No matter how I'm feeling, Father,

You remain the same.
Nothing else inside this life
can make so rich a claim!
You are so dependable, yes,
Lord, You're always there;
regardless what I'm going through,
Your arms know what to share!
And even when I can't explain
or do not have the word,
I feel about me Your embrace
and, Your voice, it is heard!
You know exactly how to touch me
and what words to say
as You assure, unto my heart,
that You have been this way!

What blest assurance, Father, in
the faithfulness You are!
Your love, Your voice, Your healing-
it is never from afar!
And I know restoration that is
found no other place
as You have me in Your arms
and I look into Your face!"

A personal relationship with God Most High through His Son Jesus.  There is no greater relationship one can have or even know! 
Know that relationship for yourself, my friend.  YOU NEED HIM!

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