Thursday, June 13, 2019

None Like Jesus!

No, not in this life or any other life is there one like Jesus Christ--THE Son of God.  And He desires you...even you!

"Jesus, Jesus, Lord and Master,

there is none like You!
You take me to the Holy Place
and show me all things new!
You speak to me that I can share,
(conversing or in verse,)
truths and wonders, messages
that no man may rehearse!

The very wonder that You are--
but who could understand?!
The sights and sounds that You create,
Lord, all across the land!
The promises You make to us
of that which is not yet...
Your goodness and Your kindness, Lord,
I never shall forget!

But here am I--so use this man
however, Lord, You must,
that many others see Your wonder
and commit their trust
in Who You are: THE Son of God
and Savior of the soul!
Jesus, Jesus, none like You--
You make completely whole!"

Be saved today!  Life is so different, so complete, so much better with Him inside Your heart!  He already knows you completely, and He STILL desires that you know Him!

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