Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Life.  It never stops.  Most of the time it moves at a speed that you cannot keep up with.  But there is One that you can have in your life that will escort you through it.  Do you know Him yet?

"When I'm lonely and there's no one You are there;
regardless what I want to say, You care;
though no one may be listening I'm heard,
and You always answer--even if one word.

In the wilderness, the isolation,

You reaffirm to me our relation;
You know about and care about my all;
You're even right there with me when I fall.

Jesus--You assure to my success.

Not as the world does, but You greatly bless
by staying right by my side each day I live
providing what this living cannot give!"

Jesus Christ, alive inside my life, my self, my soul.  And very active in my every moment!  He is also available to you!  Ask Him to be your Savior and be born again.  There is no greater decision you will ever make!


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