Friday, June 7, 2019

Late Appreciation

One day late.  Sorry.
So many things were going on yesterday that this writer did not send out the right message.  Or did I?  Anyway, these words are for all those brave men and women whose actions we commemorate regarding D-Day.

"We jumped out of perfect planes
moving through the sky;
We had but just two choices:
either jump or die!
The barrage--for it was heavy,
the tracers did not end;
the lifeless bodies when I landed--
so many foe and friend!

We had a covert mission
so many to include.
I, so young and so naïve,
did not expect the crude!
They drilled it into us before,
but that was "just a drill;"
I expected casualties,
but millions they to kill?

We went there on a mission,
by willingness or by force;
we did the things we had to do;
most of us stayed the course.
They hailed us as "heroes;
such moniker?  We'll see.
We did all we could do on that day
simply known as 'D.'

You saw the scenes in black and white
but we saw blue and red.
"Heroes" may mean heroes now,
but most have gone on ahead."

Late.  But not forgotten.  Gone.  But NOT unappreciated!  Thank you from our hearts to all of the HEROES that were involved in the fateful day, June 6, 1944.  God bless you for your service, and God rest your comrades in arms.

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