Thursday, June 6, 2019

Just 'Feelings?'

Emotions.  Are they running higher as we advance, or does it just "feel" that way?  With so many diverse ways of communication these days, do we get more 'emotional' more often?  And how do we handle that?

"Back to the 'stability'

availed in only You.
You have what we require, Lord,
no matter what people do.
The world and the situations
that we face each day--
none be strong or severe enough
to pull our hearts away.
They pull at our emotions, yes,
but, Lord, You are above!
none can trump Your love!
And Your love be that rein upon us
that maintains control--
submitted to You fully, Lord,
we shall stay strong and whole!

The world--it gets more intense

with every day to pass.
And we know You are well aware
of the entire mass!
BUT GOD, as we depend upon You
for to lead and guide,
You will stabilize us 'til
we reach the Other Side!"

Life.  More intense.  More complicated with each moment that passes.  But stay the course with Jesus as your Guide and Savior and victory WILL BE matter what life does!


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