Monday, June 17, 2019

His Various Days!

The wondrous beauty of a late Spring day!  Made even more spectacular when you know Who made it and have a personal relationship with Him!

"You cause the sky above be filled

with such variety...
For in the calm before the storm
such beauty is to be!
Even those upon the wing
sing of the day You've made;
I listen to their medley as
I take in every shade.
And their song--it be unto You:
God--most high Creator!
I marvel and I fret not of
what weather may come later;
for You are here, and I enjoy
our fellowship once more!
Whatever storm, You cause this man,
above it all, to soar!

Salt and pepper be the sky,

with colors on the land!
One must only look around
to see Your mighty hand!
And one must only look within
to see Your life alive--
a blessed day, so late in Spring,
and, in You, we so thrive!"

God is so good!  No matter what we did/are/will go through, His reality changes not, and His love is greater than anything, and He desires to be with you through it.  Yes, even the storms!


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