Wednesday, June 12, 2019

God, so Faithful!

It is so wonderful to have at least ONE thing in this life that you can ALWAYS depend on.  Have you found out what that is in your own life yet?

"Your Faithfulness--it is a constancy;

and there is not a place I'd rather be
than in the center of that certain flow
that Your beloved, we have come to know!
O God, this life--it has its ups and downs.
Some days are smiles.  Other days are frowns;
but there is a consistency in You
that carries each of us the whole day through!

You are so faithful.  That cannot be changed.

Even when OUR day gets rearranged,
You are right there with us making sure
we have the tools that cause us to endure!
No provision be there--none as great
as Your favor, thus we celebrate
the glory and the wonder that You are--
High King of Heaven...and yet never far!

Faithful God.  Unto You we retreat,

and You receive us...even when we're beat!
Restoring us with what this world has not;
yes, life and breath and power You have got!
And the same You give us as we ask--
it matters not the size of any task,
nor to matter from whence we have come,
You are FAITHFUL GOD to all, and not just some!"

Yes, faithful God.  He is the reason you are reading these words tonight.  The past two days have been painful, BUT GOD carried me through them in order for me to testify of His goodness through these words.  I pray that even YOU know His great faithfulness!


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