Friday, June 14, 2019


Time passes.  Life passes.  People pass.  What about the impact those people have had on you?  Are you impacting anyone...

How precious and so valuable,

how priceless be a 'friend!'
One you know who will stand with you
to the very end;
the very same--so hard to come by
in the days that are;
when you obtain one value them,
and let them not get far!

Why is it that we have so few

that we KNOW will be there
and can count on, matter not
what happens when or where?
So faithful be that one that loves
regardless of the pain,
the color of the past or present,
or the scar or stain!

Yea, blest are we to have those faithful

that are in this life
who stand beside us through success
AND through every strife!
Thank God daily for those gifts
that He creates called 'friends;'
and be ye even one yourself--
you know not what depends!

A teacher told us many years ago how fortunate we would be if, after we have lived as many decades as we have, we could look back and count even ten people that we could call true 'friends.'  Of course, being a 5th grader, most of us laughed that off.  However, as the years amass, the truth of what that teacher said becomes more and more real.

Have you that many TRUE friends?  Are you that friend to someone?  You are VERY crucial to someone in this life...maybe quite a few?

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